Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pre Release : October 2010

We are working on the first ever public pre-release of EngSin Translator. As promised we hope that we would be able to deliver the first public version within 3 weeks from the exhibition.

Currently the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is been changed to a ordinary translator look-and-feel rather than the fancy book look-and-feel. The reason is that certain computers encounter performance issues when going with non-standard GUIs.

Apart from that the primary logic would be fine tuned to obtain better translations.

For further development, we would have to engage with much sophisticated techniques than what we have already implemented. Among the suggested technologies include machine-learning, sufficiently sophisticated data structure, and a detailed pattern system.

If you are interested in getting the software, drop an e mail to me and I will make sure you get it soon as we publish it (

Thank You

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Current Version

Software & Database

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Project Initiation

EngSin Translator is one of the very first translators to be demonstrated to public. Currently at the development stage it is capable of handling simple sentences within a limited vocabulary. The project team consists of me (Ziyan-Junaideen), Pasindu and Pramod.

EngSin Translator was first presented to the public at the EngEx2010 Engineering Exhibition at University of Peradeniya. Currently at the development stage EngSin Translator has shown encouraging results that it would soon fill the vacuum of a Sinhala English translator.

As a new technology that is relatively new, it achieved considerable attention from the general public in general and professionals in particular. We are happy to see the attention we have gained and would make it a motivation to enhance the software and distribute it soon.

Currently, EngSin Translator is only capable of translating English sentences to Sinhala. It consists of a bilingual dictionary of about 5000 words (and growing). It is capable of handling simple sentences in active-voice which are not questions.

Due to the limitation of labor, any initial release would not contain a large vocabulary. There for we are enabling the users to add definitions to the database while using the software. We expect to collect these definitions and redistribute it among the community.

During the exhibition we detected defects in the software and have started rectifying them. Once completed, we are hoping to make the first release of the software soon. It would be free and you are encouraged to share it among your pears. The more people would use it, the larger the vocabulary would be.

Expected 1st release : Early November